Blog 505

The sacred Ojo Caliente hotsprings

The new year brought us an amazing opportunity. As Jake got a new job, moving us to none other than beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico, I got the chance to focus on my passions (but more on that later). Right now I am here to tell you about an amazing diamond in the rough - [...]


The majesty of Steamboat Springs

While most people head into the mountains during ski and snowboard season to hit the slopes, I like to spend my time in the mountains during the off-season. Not only are the roads less treacherous but they are also less crowded. So before ski season starts up, Jake and I made one last trip into [...]

For the sake of chili and beer

Those who know me well know I love chili and one of my favorite BEvERages is beer. So obviously I would travel four hours to the 19th annual Chili & Beer Festival. The best part, it is at the base of Mt. Crested Butte. Guaranteed gorgeous views. The festival opened its doors at 11:30 AM [...]

Floating down the Colorado River

The ocean may be endless, but the river is boundless. It knows no limitations. It flows where ever it pleases, carving out beautiful canyons, creating isolated islands, and building caves and natural hot springs along the way. On July 29, 2017, Jake and I joined friends, Megan and Bryce, on their 14 foot raft. Together [...]

Find the fire at the Devil’s Head

There are so many beautiful places to visit in Colorado, especially in the summer! From gorgeous lakes to stunning mountain views, Colorado has quite the reputation. This is just one of the reasons I chose to study geology at the Colorado School of Mines. What better place to study geologic processes than a place that [...]

Camping, hiking and lake life

The best part of dating a Colorado native: he has family all over the state. Friends in Glenwood Springs (last adventure) and parents in Gunnison, bringing the cost of our excursions way down. Day 1: We drove five hours to get to Gunnison. Five hours. Occasional traffic due to the fact that there are too [...]

All Coloradans have a favorite hot springs

When I came back to Colorado five years ago, I was excited for the wide open spaces, gorgeous weather, and breathtaking views. What I was not excited for, was the flood of people that had the same idea as me. Even so, here I am, constantly researching the cheapest way to explore Colorado, while I [...]